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blinkies, icons, layout help
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NOTICE: This journal is not quite up yet. I've got to work on the layout and such. Do not post any requests until it is OPEN and I am TAKING requests. If you post them while I have this CLOSED, I will BAN you. I won't listen to any excuses either.



1. Blinkies and Icons: 3 requests a week.

2. Credit must be given on your user picture page or where ever you're going to be using the blinkie or icon. I think it's the least you can do.

3. I will have these on my site for a very short time. When you pick up your blinkie or icon, I will delete it from my site. If it's lost, it's lost.

4. You'll have to specify everything you want. I won't ask. You have to provide the images. Include the font you want, colors, and everything of the sort.

5. If you are rude, you will be banned. That simple.